Saika Satomi - Founder

Saika Satomi is the founder of Saika Beauty, a company started because of her passion for beauty and cosmetology. Since she was young, she has been an avid beauty guru and was introduced to the lash world through a friend of a friend. She started her first classes in lash art and application in 2011. Since then she has grown her career as an eyelash technician. She often says, "seeing my clients' joy and confidence in themselves after a lash session is what I consider my biggest success." That is the main reason she finds love in her work every day. After being an eyelash technician for several years, Satomi started her own company, Sakura Beauty, in 2014. Saika Beauty and Satomi have serviced many clients of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Saika Beauty has been crafting unique lash solutions to help clients achieve a look that matches their eye shape, color, and personality.