Hey guys! I’m Saika, a founder of Saika Beauty.

I have had a passion for beauty and aesthetic cosmetics since I was a young teen. One day, a friend of mine introduced me to her friend who was doing lash extensions at the time. I was so fascinated by her work that I attended my first lash training class in 2011. Since then I have grown my career as an eyelash technician. My clients' joy and confidence in themselves after a lash session is what I consider my biggest success and it is the reason I love my work so much.

After being an eyelash technician for several years, I started my own company, Saika Beauty, in 2014. I have serviced clients of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. No matter who they are or their genetic eye shape, I help my new and returning clients achieve a look that matches their eye shape, color and personality. 

I’ll provide eye lash services for you so please feel free to DM or contact us!