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The XoXo is your go-to for every occasion. They're our most natural-looking lash, perfect for the office, school, or brunch with friends. This is an everyday lash, a natural rounded look.

・Length: 5-9mm
・Volume: Light
・Shape: Round
・Material: High-Quality Synthetic
・Contain 5- magnet, tremble to any length
・Uses: Up To 30 times
・Magnet Eyeliner is not included
- Tips
*Trim lashes from the outer edge to fit your eye width if it is necessary (Make sure not to cut magnet ).
*Avoiding the product enter your eyes. Rinse out with clean water immediately if the product enters your eyes by accident.

- How to Use Magnetic Eyeliner
Tip *It's really important that you make sure to not use anything oil based on your false lashes as this can ruin them. 

1, Shake the eyeliner before use.
2, Apply eyeliner along your lash line and let it dry for 30 seconds to 1 minute. 
3, grab your preferred lash and place it gently on top of the eyeliner on the lash line to ensure magnets make a connection. You can adjust your lashes as needed to get the correct placement.

- How to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner
Gentry peel/lift-off lashes from either corner. Take a cotton round pad and put a generous amount of oil-based makeup remover on it. Close your eye and apply a cotton pad on your eye and wait for a full minute. Make sure to use small movements and light pressure This step will help dissolve whatever eyeliner left on.

- How to Reuse Magnetic Eyeliner
Lightly use Non-Oil based makeup remover to remove whatever residue is left on the magnetic lash. Be cautious not to over-saturate lashes. Place lashes back in the lash case for next use.